Saturday, August 23, 2008

More fencing...and more...

Ok it's been 3 days since my last post and the fence isn't finished yet. After dropping the post pounder on my shoulder while pounding about 40 posts by myself. I finally admitted defeat for the day.

Besides I needed Brian's insight into just exactly where to run the fence through the woods so that we can reach 3 separate water tanks with a minimum of water hose. So Thursday morning I shouldered my new toy - a Stihl weedeater. Together we made short work of all the weeds, grass and other things that might short out the new fence. While I mowed down weeds and grass, Brian was baling on the other side of the farm. We got done about the same time... well he was done at least. I was just plain tuckered out! We took a break for lunch and lots of water and then we hit the fence together.

About 1/2 way across the dam we ran out of weedeater string. That precipitated a trip back to the garage, a careful reading of the pertinent "how to" in the owners manual, a few cuss words, turning the manual upside down to get the right perspective on the diagram and putting the brush blade on. Whew!

The blade is awesome!!! It's like having a little chainsaw on a long handle! Look out multiflora rose!! Take that thistles!! I felt a little like the super hero of pasture fences. :)

Yes, I let Brian play with the new toy. He did the stretch of fence on the rest of the dam. We got 2 of the 5 strands of electric wire run across the dam before we had to quit for the day.

These are times when many hands would make lighter work. At the very least a spooler that would carry 5 spools of wire would make it easier and faster to pull the fence. Maybe this winter Brian can weld one up and somehow attach it to the 4-wheeler... hmmmm?!?

"Honey, I have an idea. . ."

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