Saturday, October 11, 2008


It's that time of year again - persimmons are falling! We have persimmon pulp for sale again. This is Brian's favorite time of year. Persimmon pudding is his favorite food. :)

Brian and I are picking up persimmons every morning now. The trees are loaded! You have to watch out when you're picking them up or one will konk you on the head. And it's still early in the season, just wait 'til we have our first frost and they really start to fall.

Brian is chief in charge of pulping the gallons of ripe persimmons we've been gathering. He's taken to rewarding himself by making a deliciously sweet persimmon pudding from each batch.

Hmmmm is he gaining weight?

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I just did a search looking for a way to pulp persimmons. Your blog came up.

Do you have any tips or tricks? I have about 20 lbs just waiting to be squashed and made into persimmon jam. TIA!