Friday, January 30, 2009

Brian is down until spring

Today, Brian had his foot surgery. The doctor went in and released his plantar fascia in his foot. It's supposed to make the severe pain Brian was experiencing go away. Of course we won't know for sure for six weeks.
In the mean time, Brian is laid up. He has crutches and wheelchair. He isn't to let that foot bear weight at all for 4-6 weeks. He's sort of bored, sort of grumpy and very restless. It's driving him crazy that he can't go out and work around the animals, can't get busy on all the projects we hope to have done before spring. So now when I go out to do the chores I carry my cell phone. We talk on the phone and I send him pics.
Next week when he feels a little better he's going to start back on his Red Wattle Hog history research and work some more on the overall layout of the new intensive pasture system for the hogs and catch up on the stack of books he has laying by the bed. They're all farm books, from tree pruning, to intensive grazing, hog, and cattle, bee and sheep books, tree farming, seed starting and seed saving. Maybe I can get him to do a couple of book reviews on here.
It's going to be hard for him to be good. He's never had surgery and he's never been this confined.
Wish us luck!!

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