Wednesday, February 11, 2009


That's what happened to our barn today. Straight line winds in excess of 50 mph came through and destroyed our barn. Brian saw it from the kitchen window. He said it looked like the wind lifted off the the roof and rafters bounced them twice and dropped them - crunch!
Poor Brian, he thought I was up in the barn feeding the momma Dexters and their babies. Luckily I wasn't. I was in the hoop house with the hens wondering when the hoop house was going to take flight... so far it hasn't. The hens are safe and sound.
My son Anders came over and helped me fix the fence where the barn fell on it and we let the mommas and babies out with the other cows. No point in keeping them in a barn with no roof and who knows when it will collapse more. It's still howling like banshees outside my window.
At least the farm insurance will cover it. That's a good thing. But rebuilding will have to wait until Brian is back on his feet and that's almost 2 months away.
Still no one was hurt. The rest we can mend in time.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your barn! The wind was bad. I am glad all the family is well and your animals are doing okay..Keep up the good work with your farm...I like to visit and see your updates!

Anonymous said...

My spouse used to work for FEMA and we are aware that dammage that happens in a moment takes months to repair. We want to encourage you as you face this challenge. Maybe there is a way some of us out here can help. Let us know on the blog.
Glad you and the critters are all doing well. Take care.