Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Be very very quiet we are hunting roosters....hehehe

After the near tornado blew through our place we discoverd that my son, Anders', rolling rooster pen had blown apart and all 6 roosters were running amuck. We called and left Anders a message on his cell and waited for him to come by after work.

At 4:30 he arrived with what appeared to be an oversized butterfly net and proceeded to gather up his roosters on by one. That really makes it sound easier than it was. Actually, the roosters had no intention of going back into the pen.

As Anders approached they split off in 6 directions running through the tall grass with their tail feathers flying. Anders darted after the nearest one net at the ready. It led him on a merry chase three times around the house. Then SWOOSH! down came the net. Anders tucked the rooser under his arm, carried him back to the pen and dropped him in. The indignant rooster paced back and forth looking for a way to freedom.

It was incredibly funny to see my longlegged, red headed son running about the yard chasing one rooster after the other. I sent Kacie in to get the camera - we had to have pictures!

As Anders ran by, I asked if he wanted some help.

"Nope!" he laughed. " This is more challenging. And I'm having fun!"

About an hour later the roosters were all safely back in their pen and Anders had gone on to take care of his other animals with a smile on his face.

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