Sunday, July 20, 2008


Over dinner one evening, Brian and I lamented the fact we had so few laying hens and so many people who wanted farm fresh eggs from our pastured hens. We bemoaned the lack of egg salad, custard and scrambled eggs around our house. We jokingly said we wished someone would offer us some more hens. That another 20 hens or so would be great.

This is a case of be careful what you wish for.

The next morning the phone rang bright and early. I picked up. "Hi this is Terry. Is Marilyn home?" Marilyn is my mother who lives with us. "I'm afraid she's not," I replied. "Can I help you?"

Well, Terry went on to tell me that his neighbor was in poor health and needed to find a new home for a few laying hens. I took the neighbor's number and gave it to Brian. I didn't think anymore about it. I needed to pick veggie shares and get off to work.

That evening at Brian called me at work. Brian never calls me at work unless it's an emergency. My heart was in my throat as I answered the phone.

"Honey, can we buy 100 laying hens this week?"

"What did you say?"

Brian repeated himself again.

"I thought Terry said "a few hens"?"

"If we want them we have to get them tomorrow."

I did some mental math. We really could use more hens. We'd need to build 4 new movable pasture pens pronto. Opportunity only knocks once, so they say.


Now we are the proud caretakers of 100 Golden Comet hens. :) The girls along with the 6 Araucana hens we already had now give us 6-7 dozen wonderful eggs a day.

Who says God doesn't answer prayers?

Got eggs? We do!!


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