Saturday, November 21, 2009

ALBC Conference

We spent the 12th through the 15th in Raleigh at the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Annual Conference. WOW! Great heritage food. An interesting hotel (the rooms were pie shaped and the halls circular). The Maglione's of NC and we both supplied the Red Wattle Pork. We also got a chance to try Buckeye chicken and Devon beef. Yummy! So yummy we are planning on starting our own sustainable flock of Buckeye chickens.

Aside from the food the talks we attended included: Marketing, Incubating, Breed Association discussion, How to work with your processor,"the Ecology of Place", "Pork the other Red Meat".

And in between attending talks we did a lot of talking! We met Red Wattle Association members from across the country. It was nice to put faces with some names.

It was a long drive the Raleigh and we came home tired, but we learned a lot and met some great people who are passionate about saving heritage livestock breeds.

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