Sunday, November 22, 2009

Post Henge

About 3 weeks ago we started setting the posts for our new barn. Six rows of posts straight and plumb, concreted into holes held steady by a seemingly haphazard array of two by fours and one bys.
We've worked on it in the rain. We've worked on it in the dark. We've worked on it in the cold. And one day we actually worked on it in the sunshine for an hour or two.

My mother refers to it as "Post Henge" a monument to persistence.

It's going to be wonderful when it's done. 56 Ft X 56 Ft with farrowing stalls for 12 Red Wattle Momma's, a feed room, stalls for the Haflingers, a cow stall and a calf stall, a milking parlor, a tack room and a place to park our horse drawn wagon and carts. There will be a nice wide alley down the middle to allow the tractor to pass through, too.

Ahhhh... now if we could get the politicians to stop bickering about insignificant things and concentrating on passing legislation creating a 48 hour day, then we could maybe get it done faster. :)

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