Saturday, February 20, 2010

Be careful what you wish for!

A couple of months ago, I said to my daugher " I wish someone would come in and reorganize this kitchen. It just doesn't work at all."

Three days ago she started doing just that. Now we have a special cabinet for tea and coffee, a neatly organized place for herbs and spices and she found all the food containers that have lids and made them a home. The orphaned lids and bowls were delegated to the "Good Will" box. After two days of rearranging, things came to a complete stand still.

We had talked about clearing out the closet in the laundry room to use for a pantry. Clearing it out meant removing a century's worth of family photos. All of those photos were just too tempting and much organizational time was lost in reminiscing over pictures. (Though I did find several I want to add to my "Are you new here?" blog.)

Once the closet was empty, we had to convince Brian he wanted to install three shelves. This didn't take much convincing when he saw all the groceries piled on the kitchen floor!

Now the shelves are up and tomorrow Lydia doesn't work, so I'm hoping she'll come out and finish up.

Then it will only take us a week or two to find where all of our neatly organized stuff is!

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