Saturday, February 13, 2010

We spoke - they finally listened

No more NAIS:

An email from the ALBC states: "On February 5, 2010, the USDA announced it will abandon efforts to implement a National Animal Identification Program to track livestock. "

According to an offical news release from the USDA:
"On February 5, 2010, USDA announced a new, flexible framework for animal disease traceability in the United States.

The framework will provide the basic tenets of an improved animal disease traceability capability in the United States. USDA’s efforts will:

Only apply to animals moved in interstate commerce;

Be administered by the States and Tribal Nations to provide more flexibility;

Encourage the use of lower-cost technology; and

Be implemented transparently through federal regulations and the full rulemaking process.

USDA is committed to working in partnership with States, Tribal Nations and industry in the coming months to address many of the details of this framework, and is establishing a Secretary's Advisory Committee on Animal Health to address specific issues, such as confidentiality and liability."

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