Monday, April 6, 2009

Brian storms the castle!

Yesterday, Brian got really brave, put on his armor and set out to tame the yellow garage.
The yellow garage was for years the place where everything my parents didn't need but didn't want to throw away went. And for the last year it has been the place where we stored things for "future projects", my son stored his "off the grid" building materials and my daughter's fiance parked his little girl's electric jeep.
Cleaning and organizing it had really been intimidating us.
It took Brian most of the day and he filled the dumpster X2 but it's all clean and tidy now.
Brian felt so good about getting the yellow garage cleaned and organized yesterday that today he's tacklin the red garage.
I'm sort of glad I'm working this weekend. Then again I wonder what he threw away that I'm gonna miss.

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