Saturday, April 18, 2009

Like building a boat in your basement

It was raining. We needed to get the new Egg Mobile built. So, naturally we pulled the wagon into the garage and started nailing. The more we worked on it the more I felt like the guy who builds a boat in his basement and then can't get it out!

After we stood the walls up, we measured. OK. We had 3/4 of and inch vertical clearance if the roll up door was pushed up as high as it would go.

Wow, that was a close one!

The picture is of the wall of kitty litter buckets we are using for nest boxes. They are free at the recycling center, just the right size and easy to clean. The perfect nest box. At least they are now that I cut a hole in the bottom of each bucket for the hens to go in and out.

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