Sunday, September 27, 2009


Last week I was in the dentists office browsing through magazines when I came accoss this title on the cover of Time for August 31, 2009. WOW!

I turned to the article on page 31. The article points out the hidden costs of producing cheap meat and grain: soil degredation and erosion, rising concern over antibiotic resistant bacteria in farm animals, global climate change. It goes on to point out that this style of farming uses up 19% of US fossil fuels. That's a lot!

It points out that the current "a food system - from seed to 7-eleven- that generates cheap , filling also a principal cause of America's obesity epidemic."

The article was accompanied by a little chart with a dollar bill on the left and on the right what that dollar could buy:

1200 calories of potato chips or 875 calories of soda or 250 calories of veggies or 170 calories of fresh fruit

Geez! But would you feel better and be healthier if you ate the veggies or the fresh fruit? Yes.

One of our CSA shareholders explained his family's philosophy on food like this: He said, they would rather pay more for better quality food. This approach means they eat less, but much better. No one in their family is overweight.


You can read the article for yourself by clicking here:

Let me know what you think.

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Anonymous said...

You know why they changed it from "Global Warning" (the fear mongering phrase of the recent past) to "Climate Change"? Because for the last 10+ years, the temperature have been dropping and the environmentalists were being made fun of.

Nature happens in cycles, and there are so many factors involved that can determine temperatures, not least of all sun activity.

I'm all for conservation and being smart about waste, etc, but not to the extent it's being pushed.

Too many politicians and their companies, big corporations, and other special interests groups that have a lot to gain by propagating the fear that we are destroying our planet. They keep spurring us to barrel ahead and make rash decisions without thoroughly researching it.

Often we can do more harm than good by doing this, but they don't care because most will be cashing in on either money or power, or both.