Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hello, this is Miss Piggy calling...

This morning we decided to move the little boar we are keeping and a feeder pig out to the pasture. Brian suggested that Anders and I should finish up the chores in the barn while he delivered the cage full of squealing porkers to the pasture. We met back at the house for brunch.
Brian was sitting at the kitchen table when he realised he didn't have his cell phone... Uh OH! He took my phone and started calling himself in hopes that he'd hear his phone.
He listened in the house... no ring. He listened in the yard ring.
He listened as he walked to the barn... no ring.
He listened in the barn... no ring.
He listened as he walked out to the feeder pasture and climbed the fence... no ring.
Then he looked down.
The back of the phone with it's little camera eye chomped and chewed was all he found.
Back at the house he plucked up his courage and called for a replacement phone. Of course the girl at Verizon laughed when he told her what happened. She laughed even harder when he told her that he ran over his last phone with a tractor... and she darn near hurt herself laughing when he gave her his email address: Oh the agony and humiliation! LOL

This afternoon he decided he should check his messages using my phone. He only had one message . . .

from the pigs! 

" Squeeeaal! Grunt grunt growl! Grunt"


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