Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tomatoes and basil OH MY!

I just finished mudding in 110 tomato plants - Black of Tula, Chocolate cherry and a flat of mystery tomotoes that somehow lost it's label. On my days off next week I'll be putting down mulch and putting up stakes. I finished off one bed with about 24 Classico Italian Basit plants as well. Can you say spaghetti sauce?
Now my knees are muddy, my face is red and my clothes are soaked with sweat so I am sitting down with a glass of ice water for a much needed break.

Soon it will be time to do the chores and the milking, then Brian and I are going to sneak out like kids for a late nite date with a light dinner, icecream and the midnight movie - Toy Story III. :^)  I sort of wish it was playing at the drive in... sigh....

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