Sunday, December 27, 2009

Old Mc Brian had a farm E-I-E-I-O My!

...and on his farm he had some pigs. Lots of pigs.

We now have what I call families of pigs. I guess the proper term would be "breeding groups", but that sounds sort of cold and sterile. Besides they are families. Each piggy family has a Daddy (Boar) and several mommies (sows) with their babies (piglets).

Each family has it's own pasture and it's own house. We give the pigs leaves and hay to build a nest in their house. When the nights are cold the adult hogs lay down so that they form a warm "wall" around the piglets who all pile up in the middle.

On a frosty morning you can actually see the steam rising off of the pig pile.

These are our Red Wattle families:

Boar:                        Sows:

Arthur                      Gertrude, Petunia and Babe

Atlas                        Jewel & Gilta

Trailblazer                Muddy Dove & Morning Star

Homer                     Jenna, Joyce, Slim

Right now Grass Dancer is with Homer's family but she doesn't too happy there so she will be moving to Atlas's family soon.

We also have one pasture with all the weaner pigs in it.

As soon as the barn is completed all of the sows will move to the barn until spring.


Emily said...

Cute little piggies!!!

John said...

I have some lamb recipes I wanted to try but when I went to the market to get lamb shanks I got hit by big-time sticker shock: $12/lb! Will I ever be able to try these recipes in Indiana at affordable prices?

The Farmers said...


We have lamb. Leg o' lamb, lamb chops and ground lamb from our Shetland sheep available for $6/lb at the farm.
Give Brian a call: 812-521-1063