Monday, December 14, 2009


It's never a good thing when you husband calls you at work and starts the conversation with "Now, honey, don't freak out"

"What did you do?" It turns out the DH got his chainsaw caught while felling a tree. It kicked back when it came free and caught him just below the knee cap.

He tried to reassure me with "It's not bad. I didn't really notice the blood until I felt the wind blowing under the skin."

"Just get in the car and go to the emergency room. I'll meet you there."

Forty minutes in a Colts induced traffic jam and 40 minutes travel time and I arrived at Columbus Regional Hospital to find my DH stitched and bandaged.

"You know your power tool priveleges are going to be revoked. And I'm tellng Santa you've been very bad!" I kissed him and the nurses smiled.

After we got home the whole story unraveled. We had lost some pine trees in a storm last summer. After assessing the damage and the other trees in that grove we decided we'd cut them to use for siding for our new barn. They are mature pines and prone to being blown over.

Brian took into his head to go out and start cutting this afternoon. What he didn't do was take his cell phone or tell anyone where he was going. He was lucky this time. He just keeps repeating "it was a freak accident."

I assure you he got a piece of my mind, a lecture from my mother, an email about chainsaw safety from my brother and disapproving looks from various other members of our family.

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