Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 3 of vacation continued...

Well so far the piglets are doing fine.
After Jewel was all settled down and making enouraging happy mommy grunts to her babies as they suckled. I came in and got a shower. Delivering piglets is sort of messy.

Then it was time for lunch. Luckily my niece was at the house and she had already made spaghetti. :) And done the dusting and sweeping. I admit housework isn't my favorite thing. So I hire her a couple of times a month to knock out the house for me.

Brian and his dad hauled huge bales of straw  and round bales of hay. Brian also almost got all the metal on the barn roof.... 3 sheets to go!! YEAH!!

Then it was up to the yellow garage for cleaning day and treasure hunting with my daughter. We spent the rest of the afternoon hauling things out of the garage. We did find some neat old vases, some dishes and quite a few mouse nests. My mom is a bit of pack rat. There were all kinds of things tucked away in that garage. Lydia found some neat old vases and the cuckoo clock my brother brought home from Germany.  Everything except the mouse nests, I'm sure my mother put there and has subsequently forgotten.

We quit just after dark. Dinner tonite was ham and eggs. It was too late to start anything fancy. Then we all fell into bed.

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