Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last day of vacation...

This is it. The last day of vacation. The weather report called for an inch of rain and lots of wind, so we moved the hens and spent the morning battening down the animals so no one would wash away.

It started raining around noon. HARD. and it's still raining and blowing. Luckily the kids aren't in the teepee tonite. Emily has gone down to be with her family for a few days and Anders has a nasty cold so he's in the house tonite. With the crazy wind I keep looking out the window to be sure the teepee is still there.

I did the unthinkable this afternoon and took a nap. Then Mom and I each started a painting. I'm working on  a picture of 2 ram lambs and mom is working on a covered bridge landscape. While waiting for paint to dry, I put a multi-meat loaf in the oven. Tonite it's lamb and beef. We'll eat it with cucumber or barbeque sauce. I like cucumber sauce. We are going up to my daughters for dinner. She's making ribs and a side. I'm bringing the meatloaf and baked potatoes. I'm hoping she's doing dessert. Her sweets are awesome.

When we get back I am going to clean my office... it looks like a family of raccoons had a party in there!!lol

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