Friday, April 2, 2010

Nothing gets a man's attention like...

  . . . a middle aged woman in rubber boots and a straw hat running down the road waving her arms like her hiney's on fire.


Let me back up. Yesterday we noticed a bit of effluent at the outlet for the septic system... EEEwwww! yuck! So Brian called the poop pumper guys. He explained that as far as we  know this tank hasn't been pumped since it was installed in the late '80's. He carefully gave the address and described the driveway and the farm sign.
Now keep in mind we own 2 septics on adjoining addresses. The other house they have been to repeatedly it's system is ancient and demands regular care.

Ok so now you know the background. ... This morning Brian and I were in the farthest pig pasture when we looked up and saw the pumper truck at the wrong house and the guys looking puzzled and  getting ready to get back in their truck.  OH NO!!!! Ok so what Brian said was more of the 4-letter explitive variety, but we won't go there now.

Brian had surgery on his wrist yesterday so all he could do was stand there and cuss. Good thing they couldn't hear him over the noise of the truck. I lit out across the field as fast as a middle aged, over weight lady in barn boots could go... managed to scale the fence and jump the ditch without embarrassing myself too much and  went running up the road toward the truck as previously described.  Just in time.

We got the pumper guys out to the right tank and it was a good thing too. Seems this tank hasn't ever been pumped. The "seal" had never been broken. It was full of sludge... Note to self: get tank pumped more often than every 20 years to avoid fence vaulting, ditch jumping and general pasture sprinting.

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