Thursday, April 15, 2010

On today's menu

Well, I've already been up and done 3 loads of laundry, run the dishwasher, caught up on some paperwork, made coffee, had breakfast and found 2 new baby chicks in the incubator....

Next comes chores, clearing the new paddock for the Haflingers, emptying the garden shed so Brian can move it to the garden area from the yellow house's yard, then final check for leftover stuff forgotten in the garden patch, bushhogging, then tilling of the garden and take down of 1/2 of the 60 ft high tunnel. We are going to break it into 2 thirty foot long greenhouses. We've learned they are easier to manually ventilate.

And if we get that all done by noon, it's lunch and a siesta... Then planting until supper time. Lydia and Travis are coming over to grill Kabobs or as Brian calls it "meat on a stick".  Better get moving I hear the cows calling for their breakfast!

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