Friday, April 9, 2010

Canned Ham

This is Squeek our latest "Canned Ham".

When it's time to wean pigs we use a metal trash can. What? Yep. That's right a metal trash can.
It seems momma pigs can't count very well. And out of site (and quiet) is out of mind. So when it's time to wean piglets, we head in with a metal trash can with a lid. Brian or I scoop up the piglet, plop it in the can & put on the lid. Then we pick it up and walk away as though nothing funny was up. 
The normally squealing piglet quiets right down as soon as the lid is on. Once the piglet is quiet, the momma hog goes back to eating or rooting or whatever it was she was doing before she heard her baby squeal.
We carry the "canned ham" to the piglet lot, lift it over the fence and gently tip it on the side. The piglet strolls out into it's new home.
Simple, low tech, low stress and safe for everyone involved.

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