Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Garden update

Brian got the garden area tilled this week. He used our new grader blade to create raised beds. The first couple of beds are sort of crooked, but once he got the hang of it the rest are beautifully straight.
So far I've planted some broccoli, 3 kinds of cabbage, white and red onions.
Tomorrow I'm putting in peas, lettuce, radishes and 100# of seed potatoes. And that's before lunch.

Lydia and Emily are coming over to bake tomorrow at noon. We're planning on bread, noodles and crackers for tomorrow. That will take care of the baking for our 3 small families for the week. I'm really hoping this becomes a weekly ritual. It's a great way to pass down the baking skills my grandmother taught me and to have some girl time too. :)

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