Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Piglets to pasture

 Today was the day that we castrated cull piglets. Ear notched all the piglets and moved the weaners to the pasture. Ear notching and castrating rank right up at the top of the things I don't really enjoy doing but that need to be done. 
On the other hand, moving piglets to pasture is fun! The piglets start out of the trailer tentatively. When they see all the green grass they bolt down the ramp and run and jump and squeal. 
In every litter there is always one piglet that decides it does not want to be weaned. It will run sqealing and carrying on up and down the fence. Usually, the piglet settles down after an hour or 2. 
NOT today. One enterprizing piglet decided if he slithered on his belly he could miss the electic fence wire and squeeze down into a tractor rut to get back to his momma.... We had to wean that piglet twice. ... and plug up the tractor rut. :<)

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