Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What a day!

After spending most of the day chasing after a part for that apparently they only made one of and it's on our big tiller... we stopped by Anders & Emily's to help them put up a tent. They are living in a teepee which means they don't have much storage space. They had one little pop up tent already that they use for a playpen. The baby is just starting to crawl and it gives him a safe cozy place to try out his new skills.

Tent up and back home... put up the horses, our lady Hazel the cow and all the momma pigs... then out to the garden for an hour or 2, balance the check books, do some RWHA paperwork, blog....

Geeze! I"m making myself tired just typing this... better wrap it up so I can go check the expectant momma pig one more time then off too bed.

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