Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 6, 7, 8

Ok so I got so busy I didn't blog... somehow when Brian is home there doesn't seem to be enough time to blog!

So we have finally gotten the yellow garage cleaned and an area set up for starting seeds in flats. Seeds are ready to go into the greenhouse. Things are starting to move at spring fever pace.

And a few updates to past posts:

The cow is still hobbling but she's eating and drinking and feeding her baby. We'll just wait and watch to see if she improves.

Anders, Emily and little Joel are pretty settled in their teepee. It is causing a lot of second looks & talk amongst the neighbors.

They come up to the house to have dinner with us each evening. Sunday evening was impossible Quiche an easy egg casserole that makes it's own crust. Monday we feasted on liver & Onions, gravy, brown rice and green beans with Essie's cobbler (blackberrry) for dessert. Essie's cobbler is from a recipe my great grandmother found on a flour sack. It was her favorite cobbler recipe, my grandma's favorite cobbler recipe, my mom's favorite cobbler recipe and now it's my favorite cobbler recipe. I've posted the recipe on our website: kissmygrassfarm.net   Today I made a nice thick potato soup and served it with flatbreads and garlic flavored olive oil.

Tomorrow Brian and I will be working on the stalls in the barn tomorrow.

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