Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here are three of the Buckeye chicks from my first hatch. Right now they are in a dog crate in the breezeway. Sometime this week after I move the larger chicks to the chickhouse, they will move to the outdoor brooder.
Time to clean out the incubator. Not one of my favorite jobs.

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wendy p said...

LOL.. The first time I tried hatching eggs and then had to clean up the incubator, was almost the last time I hatched eggs.. I am still a reluctant incubator cleaner. Ask Jim as he opened the "hatching closet" to find the last messy incubator "curing" for several weeks after the hatch.. Oops.. I forgot about it.. yeah right, he says..

Congrats on the chicks!! I try at every chance to sneak Buckeye eggs under anything that is sitting. We currently have 2 turkey hens sitting on Buckeye eggs as well as one Cornish hen on a pile of Buckeye eggs. I sure wish I could get the Buckeye hens to sit on their own eggs!!!