Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Outwitting Mrs. Wylie Coyote

Yesterday in the middle of the afternoon there was a coyote in sheep pasture. A brazen Mrs. Wylie out looking for a lamb lunch. Brian ran in and got his rifle. He missed. Then she actually circled around and tried to get back to the lambs. Brian shot again - missed. She gave up and headed into the neighbor's woods. We set about doing a head count. We knew we'd already lost one lamb. There was another missing.

We haven't had any  trouble with coyotes up to this point so we hadn't really been worrying about them. Our Pyrennees has been confined to a cable since she broke her leg and she likes to roam. So she was no help at all. We quickly hot wire fenced a good area up close to the house and tried in vain for hours to convince the sheep that they should go in for their own protection.... and besides the grass really is greener on that side of the fence.The sheep have gotten half wild and skittish with being free on pasture so long. Finally at dark, we gave up, said a prayer for lamb safety and went off to bed.

During the night Mrs. Wylie  must have been back and brought friends. This morning we were down 4 more lambs. We spent the better part of the day working to corral the sheep inside the new electric fenced pasture inside hog panels, inside corral panels. Tonite Mrs. Wylie should not be able to find a tasty lamb snack.

We'll see what the morning brings.

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