Thursday, May 13, 2010


Today after chores we moved my 5 baby blueberry bushes from where they were in the soon to be a cow pasture part of the field to the soon to be an orchard part of the field. Good thing blueberries don't have deep roots. It took a bit of hauling and a lot of shoveling but I have them all tucked in. I planted them a little less deep as our ground is clay and stays wet. Then I mulched with a layer of old horse manure. I topped that with cardboard to suppress the weeds and then added a layer of aged bark mulch. The mulch gives it a nice finished appearance and it keeps the cardboard from blowing away before it kills all the weeds and grass.
While I was coddling my blueberries (Brian doesn't like blueberries so he refused to participate in the move) Brian  pounded in T-posts and set insulators for the new pasture area. Brian and pulled the fence together it's easier that way. We thread the fence wire spool in a piece of  rebar and take it for a walk as it unrolls. It goes pretty fast this way. Just as we were finishing up it started to pour!
Good time for a break and a quick run to Rural King for more insulators and wire. We lucked out today they were having a 10% off  "Bucket Sale". You know 10% everything you can fit in a five gallon bucket. You'd be amazed at how many insulators will fit and how big a roll of electric fence wire you can fit in a bucket. :)
It stopped raining by the time we got home, so Brian went up to work on the horse paddock fence while I put some homemade mac and cheese in the oven. Anders and Emily were over and Anders made a reasonable attempt at making one of our traditional family foods - wilted lettuce salad. He'll need to practice some more before he's as good at it as grandma!
The kids ate with my mom while I went out to help Brian. Thursdays are always rush rush rush because I go back to work tomorrow.
We got the horse paddock electrified just in time to start chores. We fed and watered the Red Wattles together then I went to the house to get the milking supplies. Meanwhile Brian put up the hens and got the eggs. Then he milked and I picked a treat of clover for Hazel and Gaia.
Then back to the house, strain the milk, wash the milker, wash the eggs and put it all away. Supper time! Mac & Cheese and a huge glass of cold milk here in front of the computer for me. And an after dinner soak in the tub for Brian.
Now I'm going to try to dig my desk out from under the stacks of things I meant to take care of "yesterday".

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