Sunday, May 23, 2010

South Pork comes to visit

Thursday our friends Donna and Keith from South Pork Ranch and Dairy made the long trip from Chatsworth, Illinois to our place to pick up our extra rake. I'd been looking forward to this visit. Donna and I are sisters from different mothers - really! She's a night RN and so am I. Her husband, Keith is a farmer /dairyman and my Brian is a farmer/ milks our cow.  I love to read her blog and she reads mine. We all encourage each other in this madness we call farming. See the parallel universes we live in!

AND Donna forgets about time differences and so do I. LOL! About the time we started wondering if we should call and check on them, Donna called to say they had forgotten the time difference. Good thing I'd made chicken pot pie for dinner. It needs to rest a bit after coming out of the oven. If you serve it hot fresh from the oven all the goodies ooze out. The guys loaded up the rake using lots of chains, the front end loader and luck. Meanwhile Donna took pics and we decided these loading adventures make both of us nervous.

As always this visit was too short. Brian had to take off in the middle of dinner to pick up Kacie. So the rest of us lingered a bit around the table and took a quicky tour of the 99% finished barn. Then it was time for Donna and Keith to wave goodbye as they backed causiously out our driveway with their new rake in tow.

Hmmm.... I wander when their peacocks will hatch their babies? Then we'll have an excuse to go visiting!!

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Donna OShaughnessy said...

The pleasure was all ours Dot. We made it home with the rake just fine but really one of us has to move closer to the other !!!!